Business Advocacy

The Bettendorf Business Network intends to deliver value to its members by being an advocate for business in the local community.

The general public often defines advocacy narrowly in terms of lobbying within the political process. Numerous individuals or organization attempt to influence or lobby state or federal government agencies or legislative bodies about policy and resource allocation decisions. These groups address regulatory and legislative issues in Des Moines and Washington D.C.

No one organization can serve all business needs effectively. The Bettendorf Business Network, therefore, advocates on behalf of business within the Quad City region by addressing local needs, issues and projects.

We support members by providing them with a united voice that no single business has by itself. Our advocacy process begins with business district councils. Bettendorf has six distinct business districts: Downtown, Duck Creek, Cumberland Square, Glenroads, the Utica Ridge Corridor and 53rd at 18 the Street. Members will be encouraged to participate in a business district council closest to their store or office location.

District business council meet periodically to assess local needs and recommend policies and courses of action to the general membership through the board of directors.

Additionally, the Bettendorf Business Network advocates directly to the greater community through a “Shop in Bettendorf” campaign. We are unabashed “localist.” City businesses owners and their employees work carefully to provide necessary goods and services at a reasonable price to area residents. They generously support countless civic projects that enhance our quality of life. The Bettendorf Business Network strives to create a vibrant business community to makes our city a great place to live and a destination location for travelers. Bettendorf businesses earn their customer’s patronage daily.

We advocate by encouraging members to purchase good and services from each other.

Our organization takes seriously the old adage, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” We will be strong advocates for a comprehensive planning process to address issues facing Bettendorf businesses. These businesses ought to be involved in decisions that directly affect them. In particular, we intend to focus on the needs of downtown Bettendorf businesses, as bridge and street realignment projects commence in the near future..

The Bettendorf Business Network intends to provide voice value, vision and voice for members through business advocacy. We bring members together to give them voice in the city processes affecting their livelihood. Together they will be empowered to create a vision for a sustainable and vibrant business environment. This is the value the Bettendorf Business Network delivers to its membership.