Business District Council – Potential Project List

The Bettendorf Business Network formed a downtown business district council to address the problems and issues facing downtown Bettendorf merchants, service providers and property owners. Businesses located in the downtown area are invited to participate in the council’s discussions, planning and activities. Below are listed projects the council may address.

  1. Create a communication network among downtown businesses to disseminate rapidly timely information about the upcoming road realignment and bridge construction projects.
  2. Provide a regular venue for the City of Bettendorf, the Isle of Capri and downtown merchants to discuss issues related to the business district and act jointly on projects of mutual benefit.
  3. Develop a plan and identity to market the downtown area as a destination location for area residents to shop and to attract tourist to the river front district.
  4. Encourage new businesses to locate in the downtown area and existing businesses to remain.
  5. Help match businesses with suitable property to buy or rental locations.
  6. Identify and lead efforts to improve or remove eye sore buildings. Support efforts to create new facilities that enhance the downtown area’s ability to attract residents and tourists.
  7. Provide a united voice to speak with media and general public on behalf of the downtown.
  8. Sponsor special events to attract resident and tourists to the downtown.
  9. Apply for state, federal and private grants to enhance the downtown business district.
  10. Work to develop and execute a gateway concept for downtown.
  11. Identify and implement programs presently available that will benefit the downtown.
  12. Participate in a long-range strategic planning process for downtown Bettendorf once street realignment and bridge construction process are complete.
  13. Create a website to identify and promote downtown businesses links to businesses websites.
  14. Provide mediation and problem solving services to businesses and property owners.
  15. Support beautification and landscaping efforts for the downtown.
  16. Encourage residential development in the downtown.

Together we are creating business opportunities in Bettendorf.