The Bettendorf Business Network sets three goals for itself: help members succeed in their businesses, create a vibrant economic environment that makes success possible and advocate for civic projects and programs that benefit the general community.

Our name defines our mission. We focus on Bettendorf businesses and improving the Bettendorf business environment and community. We create an active business network designed to achieve what could not be accomplished by a single individual or commercial enterprise.

Our motto,“Creating Business Opportunities,” indicates members of the Bettendorf Business Network intend to encourage business growth and cooperation, timely and focused education of our members, improved communication on business-related issues, innovation in business practice and increased productivity in the workplace.

The people we bring together distinguish our network activities. We will link businesses to customers, partner with local government to achieve a productive business environment, work with schools to enhance educational workforce programs and encourage manufacturers and suppliers to provide the highest quality goods to meet the material needs of our community.

To achieve these ends the Bettendorf Business Network hopes to offer an outstanding array of services and opportunities for its’ members, including the following:

Education Opportunities:

  • Offer workshops to update members on current business laws and practices.
  • Sponsor forums focused on topics of interest to the Bettendorf business community which feature knowledgeable speakers discussing timely issues.
  • Develop a mentoring program to help new and existing businesses succeed.
  • Provide access to resources for small and medium-size businesses.

Host Networking Events

  • Host First Tuesday Meetings with fellow members for lunch, to share leads, give supportiveideas, learn about each business in depth and promote business/service by giving brief infomercials about business good and services.
  • Host Connect Events on site of local businesses to introduce that member’s business to other members and the broader community.
  • Sponsor an annual Golf Outing for members.
  • Participate in Bettendorf civic events and support projects that enhance community life.

Offer Benefits to Member Businesses:

  • Solicit and offer Big Deals and special discounts to members, particularly via website.
  • Create website with members directory linked to their individual websites.
  • Make referral of area businesses in response to customer inquiries.
  • Offer mediation and arbitration services to resolve disputes.
  • Provide printed directory of participating businesses to general public.
  • Send weekly e-mail and monthly printed newsletters with local calendar of events.
  • Recognize business achievement with annual awards dinner.
  • Assist businesses with news releases related to special business events.

Support Business Advocacy:

  • Create business district councils for six business districts ( Downtown, Cumberland Square, Glen Roads, Utica Ridge Corridor, Duck Creek, 53rd Street at 18th Street) to identify projects and recommend action plans that will benefit business environment.
  • Conduct a monthly inter-government forum for members with representatives of local government to discuss up-coming projects and policies.
  • Provide members with most recent information on legislation before city council, county government and state legislature.
  • Provide members with venue to meet and speak with government officials about business issues in the Bettendorf community.